How To Write a Precis

Precis writing: what are the main requirements

If you are assigned to write a rhetorical precis, at first, you might be confused. As it is a type of writing with certain requirements, it is necessary to learn them all to create a successful paper. That is why this article will be a real help for those who want to improve their writing skills and achieve a high grade.

First of all, it is necessary to figure out the precis definition and its main purpose. Precis writing is a brief presentation of the material or a generalization of the main ideas presented in any source of information. The main purpose of writing a precis is to give a general idea of any subject, problem, question. In order for the presentation of the material to be consistent and logical, the writer should write simple sentences and keep the structure. You should restate the information in your own words, excluding all the examples and proof to support and illustrate those points.

When you write the précis, you'll give the opportunity to the reader to absorb the main info about the initial source, its key message and a few words about the author. That is why it is necessary to learn the author's style, judgments and manner of writing. This is the single way you can encourage the reader to catch the main idea and to read the entire original writing.

We would like to recommend you to start with searching the precis examples on the Web or to have a look at those written in this article.

The main features of the precis you should definitely distinguish

A lot of students often confuse the book precis with a summary. Let us determine these two notions. A summary is much more common. Précis has a kind of brief consideration of the original text. The author should carefully consider the integrity and essence of the issue. Summary means an integer, factually a description of the entire piece of writing. When it comes to précis, it gives the readers the key point of the source text in order to read it backwards and forwards.

So what are the main features of precis outline? Before you start writing, carefully learn this information.

  • Such type of work should be written in a writer's own wording and disposition.
  • It is not allowed for the writer to copy sentences from the original source. It is appropriate to paraphrase the sentences in order to achieve uniqueness in the writing work.
  • The writer should rationally order the sentences so that they are logically connected to each other.
  • It is prohibited to write in the first person using the pronouns I, WE. It is necessary to write the precis in the third person using the pronouns HE, SHE, IT, THEY.
  • Rhetorical precis never includes any extra info or facts which are not mentioned in the book (article or essay) you are writing about, even if they go on the same way with the main message of the author.
  • It is necessary to avoid any kind of repetitions. It is better to differentiate your language using synonyms and paraphrasing the sentences.
  • After getting acquainted with your book precis, a reader should determine the central idea of the original text.
  • The text should be written in the Present Indefinite Tense.
  • The writer should bear in mind that the precis writing should be no longer than 1/3 or 1/4 of the whole original source.
  • Confused or too long sentences are prohibited to use. The simpler is your language, the more readable your text will be.
  • The writer can change the sentences order, judgments, the structure of the text preserving the main idea and the author's voice.
  • It is necessary to change direct speech into indirect.

Precis qualities

With the help of precis writing, it is possible to demonstrate how excellent your writing skills are and how easy you can put your thoughts and ideas into writing. To achieve a perfect result, check out whether your work fits the given criteria:

  • The writer should be as accurate as possible. When you write the précis, it is necessary to make sure whether it is logical and comprise no grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. Furthermore, the dating, facts and characters should be credible and trustworthy.
  • Another essential factor is clearness. It is necessary to check out whether everything you tend to say is understandable and clear. You can achieve a perfect result by using simple speech patterns and phrases, appropriate structure and common requirements.
  • Objectiveness is the key to success. It isn't compulsory to give your personal opinion on the original text and adhere to the facts and source data.
  • The writer should present a logical material. In your precis outline, remember to follow logical links with the source text and its chief ideas. In another case, the reader your work might not be interesting for your reader.
  • Brevity is the soul of wit. Don't supplement your assignment with unnecessary details. Cover the topic making an effort at conciseness. Avoid wording and repetitions.

Step-by-step instruction for writing an A-grade precis

If you are assigned to write a short text like precis writing, it doesn't mean this task is easy to complete. So, you should start your writing with detailed research and critical reflection. Follow this useful step-by-step solution to bring your writing skills to the next level:

  • Attentively read the original text. It is necessary to comprehend its main idea and what the author tends to focus on. Note the key insights in order to come back to them if necessary.
  • Focus on the main message, arguments and key moments. This way you will be able to better understand the author's tone and adhere an appropriate precis format.
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